Caroline & Bruce  Somers

We believe sandwiches should make you cry. We believe art should make you weep. We believe pasta sauce should drip down your chin. We believe in chewing on the T-bone of the bistecca. We believe in wine for breakfast. We believe in long walks to nowhere and frequent stops for gelato. Somehow we also get our work done remotely and are living the life. We always dreamed of busting out of the hamster wheel that had us running in circles. We’re doing it! We started a blog... so cliche, right? We’re laughing all the way to happiness. Take a peak and come along for the ride. 

We live in Florence, Italy and Los Angeles, California. Empty Nesters Fly chronicles our travels as we explore Italy and share our favorite adventures in travel, art, restaurants, recipes, and culture. We are parents of two girls, Camelia & Violet, who are both in college.

Caroline is President of Suzanne Somers company and specializes in cooking, health and wellness. For 25 years she has been by Suzanne's side in a highly successful empire of education, products and services from organic skincare to weight loss, to supplements to bioidentical hormones. Bruce is owner of SINCBOX, an agency and production company for commercials.  As director and producer, he's spearheaded over 2,000 campaigns with clients around the world. Caroline and Bruce met in college and have been together for 30 years, happily married for 25! 

Caroline's passions include cooking, dining, and entertaining. Bruce is a photographer, travel addict, the live-in IT guy, plus great with apps and gadgets.  They love art, architecture and exploring the local color of a new city where they engage with everyday people who bring so much joy to their travels.

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