New Beginnings... Florence, Italy

It actually happened. In 2017, we moved to Florence.  Both of my parents are Italian, yet I only made it to Italy two years ago. Now, for at least a few months of the year, Bruce and I will find ourselves sitting in our beautiful apartment looking out this window. This photo was captured at dawn’s first light and reminds me of the divine intervention that manifested our fantasy into a reality. It was easier and much more affordable than you might think.

View from our kitchen window at sunrise. You can smell freshly baked pastries in the air. Grateful to be back in beautiful Florence.jpg

Change is always a little daunting and I have been mentally preparing for this new phase of life as an empty nester for the last few years. Well, it’s here. The kids are both in college, now it’s time for us to fly!  Camelia is a senior at USC and Violet started her first year at Polimoda, a 4-year fashion design program in the heart of Florence. It was the perfect excuse to rent an apartment in one of the most fabulous cities in the world.  Magical Florence provides discovery around every corner - the food, the people, the sites, the sounds, the architecture, and the art. Florence captured our hearts and we set up an office here so we can seamlessly work and travel between Los Angeles and Italy.  

Florence Family Photo IMG_6395.JPG

While we are relatively new at empty nesting, it has not been a quiet time for us. We are busier than ever, but there's an emotional transition from being parents of young kids to raising healthy independent adults. After 25 years of marriage we are facing this transformative time and exploring the vast and incredible options to fill that wonderful space we held for our kids. I refuse to be melancholy - I will not sit in my empty house drinking coffee and longing for carpool runs, school plays, or dance competitions. We did that and it was awesome. Now is time for us to engage in our own personal projects; those passions we suppressed due to lack of time. It's time to spread our own wings and travel, with beautiful Florence as our European home base. Yes, we are empty nesters and 2018 begins with incredible gratitude for the adventures that lie ahead! 

Climbed to the top of the Duomo! Swipe left to see the little lesson you learn on the way up about heaven and hell as painted on the inside_.jpg